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Richard Sharpe
Santa Barbara Mason
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You want to know a little about me eh.....

My name is Richard Sharpe. For most of my life my career has varied but recently have more or less "found my way". I have a BS in Computer Science Magna Cum Laude and Minor in Mathmatics. Besides the sciences I have long been interested in all things Masonic but particularly those of a more esoteric nature.
I am a member of Magnolia-La Cumbre Lodge 242 (Junior Warden 2005); Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Santa Barbara, Orient of California; Corinthian Chapter No 51 of the York Rite; and Cryptic Mason, Ventura Council No 15

I was made an Entered Apprentice Mason on March 13, 2001
Pasted to the degree of Fellowcraft on May 15, 2001
And raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on July 17, 2001

I recieved the the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite degree's,
   culminating with the 32º "Master of the Royal Secret", on October 27, 2001

In the York Rite I recieved the Mark Master degree on September 6, 2002
                 Past Master degree on September 9, 2002
                 Most Excellent Master degree on September 9, 2002
                 Royal Arch degree on September 13, 2002
                 Royal Master degree on September 20, 2002
                 Select Master degree on September 20, 2002

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